Taggart Tip #4 – Have the Confidence to Make the Decisions Right for You


“G’day it’s a super Tuesday and I’m here in Logan Road Woolloongabba, surrounded by a multitude of small businesses and it’s time for another Taggart Tip.

What I’ve noticed is that small businesses rely on confidence to maintain their momentum.

Elections come and go; prime ministers come and go.

And I know, that I was here yesterday, I’m here today, and I’ll be here tomorrow running my business.

So, my tip for you, is to not worry about anything that’s happening around you and run your own race.

Having the confidence to make the decisions that are good for your business and then keep it moving forward.

Don’t worry about anything else that’s happening around you, make the decisions that are right for you.

That’s my tip for the day.”

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Updated 24 June 2020

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