Cash Flow Improvement Strategies

Cash Flow Improvement Strategies

More money in, less money out with cash flow improvement strategies from Taggart & Partners.

For many small businesses, meeting tax and super obligations, including GST, PAYG, and fringe benefits tax, can be a real challenge. Effective cash flow management is vital to maintaining the day to day operations of a business. Even businesses with a profitable business model can abruptly come to halt without the necessary cash flow to pay their obligations on time, but an effective cash flow improvement strategy can help.

For businesses struggling to maintain positive cash flow and meet compliance obligations all while aiming for sustainable and profitable business growth; There are a number of cash flow improvement strategies that our business advisory Brisbane team can recommend to help you implement a solid cashflow improvement plan to meet and/or exceed your business’ goals and vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cash flow in business refers to the net amount of cash or cash equivalents being transferred in and out of a business. Cash flowing into the business is referred to as inflows, which can originate from product or service sales, as well as from interest, royalties, investments, and more. Cash spent is known as outflows, which arises from your ongoing business expenses and debt repayments.

Put simply, positive cash flow is when a business’ cash inflows exceed their cash outflows. It is important to understand that a cash flow increase is not equivalent to positive cash flow. Positive cash flow is only achieved when cash coming in is of greater value than cash going out.

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There are a multitude of methods used to achieve a cash flow increase in business, and the strategy will ultimately depend on your business structure and operational type. However, there are some cashflow improvement tactics that can be applied by most businesses. These include but are not limited to;

Complete a cash flow forecast

  • A cash flow forecast, or cash flow projection, is a document used to estimate future cash flow amounts based off past cash flow and business metrics. This important tool will allow you to identify shortfalls in cash flow before they become an insurmountable problem.

Properly manage expenses

  • Ensuring your business is not overspending on regular overheads will allow you to reduce cash outflows, and will bring you closer to a positive overall cash flow. Some simple ways to achieve this can be done by comparing utility providers to get the best deal, by using the full repayment term when suppliers accept a period of interest free repayments, or by implementing a flexible staff schedule to avoid overstaffing in quiet periods.

Reduce time waiting for receiving payment of outstanding invoices

    • Create and send invoices as soon as the job is completed.
    • Introduce discounts for making early payments on invoices.
    • Conduct customer credit checks ahead of time to avoid late payments.
    • Accept payments through several options.

Manage working capital

  • Leasing v buying – If you need to purchase a new asset, considering leasing to spread this outflow of cash over time.
  • Stock management – Avoid holding onto slow moving stock by replacing it with stock that turns over faster, by implementing an ordering system that only re-orders stock when it is required, or by utilising suppliers that implement short delivery turnarounds.

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Properly managing cash flow is vital in ensuring business success and longevity. Once you have implemented ways to improve cash flow in business, there are a host of benefits you could experience.

Some of these include:

  • Allowing your business to expand into thriving markets at the right time, instead of waiting until you can afford it.
  • Reducing stress and worry about where your money will come from.
  • Allowing for the early identification of problems and for you to plan for periods of low inflows of cash.
  • Protecting your most important relationships by being able to pay staff and suppliers on time.

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