Ray is the T&P Business Guru! He has been sweeping the industry with his strategic approaches to tax for more years than he would like to admit. Our fearless leader has Scottish heritage so along with his Accounting degrees means you have never meet anyone more passionate about saving you money and not paying $1 more than necessary to the Tax Man. We believe it’s his mission in life.



Danella is our T&P Team Superhero; she is truly a Wonder Woman! This woman knows how to get things done. She is renowned for her super organised list making abilities, she’s even colour coordinated. Who doesn’t want someone like this working on their books? This is one Kwick Kiwi! “I feel the need the need for speed” Danella thinks fast, works fast and loves fast cars. It’s all about precision and speed. Let’s not talk about the V8 supercar rivalry in the office.


Business Manager (10+yrs Service)

“I like green eggs and ham, I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!” Just as Dr Seuss says Sam does like to try new things. If there is a better way to do something she will find it. She juggles her time between busy family life and coming into our office. She enjoys a cup of tea & a chat with us big kids really.


Senior Accountant

Suzi is the backbone of the office; she wears all the non-accounting hats! She keeps us focused on people and not numbers. Apart from ensuring we are the best place to work & our clients feel at home, she has a free license to give The Director (her Hubby) an uppercut when he starts to act or think too much like an accountant.


Office Manager (25+yrs Service)

Sheree is by far the kindest soul most people will ever meet. If we could make her a Saint we would. Her warmth and sincerity have fostered long-time client & team relationships; everyone just loves our Mumma Bear Sheree. Did we mention she also works with her bestie?


SMSF Accountant

Claudia can recite every word from just about every Disney Princess movie, that’s what happens when you live with a real-life 8yr old princess. As a mum Claudia has been in negotiation training over the past few years, this is who you would want on your team if you need to broker a hard deal with the ATO, she’s your woman for the job.


Client Services

Mitch has very quickly earned an in office reputation as our chief ATO negotiator throughout Covid 19. He is our research and details man. Currently Mitch is busy studying his Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting Degree at QUT whilst working full time. Always give a job to busy people like Mitch and see it done quickly and correctly. We don’t know how he finds time for his beloved AFL Melbourne Demons team & staying up at midnight to watch the EPL. Ray doesn’t hold it against him that he’s not a Spurs fan or does he?!


When you call our office you will most like be greeted by our lovely Grace. Grace is currently studying her teaching degree at QUT whilst looking after our clients 3 days a week. She will always make sure that you are treated with the utmost of importance when you call; no follow up call ever goes astray when Grace is on the job. What you wouldn’t know about this young lady is she is not only a superstar receptionist but also a fully qualified open water Padi dive instructor. Her passion is to keep exploring the beautiful reefs of the world. What a life!


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