Why Taggart & Partners are one of ‘The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants’

Watch Steve Pipe explain why Taggart & Partners were selected as one of only 57 accountants worldwide and one of just 9 in Australia to feature in his new book ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’. Click on the link at the end of the video to take advantage of our special offer of a free Business Structuring consultation to help business owners understand the pros and cons of the various business structures available, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in tax.


Hello — I’m Steve Piper and I am the author of the book The
World’s Most Inspiring Accounts. I want to talk to you about one of the firm’s that features in the book; Taggart & Partners.

You see Taggart & Partners really are one of the world’s most inspiring firms of accountants. How do I know that? Well, I led a research team. It was an 18-month research project and over a hundred thousand firms of accounts for around the world were eligible to feature in the book but only 57 firms made the cut including Taggart & Partners.

Taggart & Partners made it into there; as did the under 57 because of the extraordinary difference that they were making to their clients, their client’s businesses and their client’s lives.

The particular story of Taggart & Partners that features in the book is how they helped a business owner, and prevented that business owner in fact from losing their core successful profit of business. See that business owner had branched out into a second type of business, that second business wasn’t so successful and in fact was in the process of failing and ran the real risk of bringing down the whole business empire. Their client would have lost everything but they were able to prevent that from happening and not just prevent their client losing everything — losing anything.

They were able to get the finances in such a good state that the client was able to do the right thing and repay the $500,000 that was owed to creditors; and not only that, not only to leave it with a clean conscience but also improve their finances so much that for the first time that client was able to buy a house (a lovely house) for their family to live in.

Now that’s an example of what Taggart & Partners do, that’s why they’re in the book, and that’s why I strongly recommend you talk to them to find out how they can help you change your business and your life too.

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