What is your business' unique selling point?I recently took a trip to Byron Bay where I visited the famous lighthouse which is renowned for being the most easterly point in Australia.

This got me thinking about what other places, and more specifically businesses, are actually known for.

For example, KFC is famous for its 11 secret herbs and spices and McDonalds is famous for its speedy service.

If you’re in business one of the most important things you can do is to identify your USP – unique selling proposition. In competitive sectors there has to be something that sets you apart from other businesses.

Identifying your USP is usually done as part of developing your overall marketing strategy, when you would have undertaken a review of who your target customers are, what their ‘needs’ are, how you can fulfil those needs and who else there is providing the same product or service as you. 

Spending some time considering why your target clients should choose to do business with you rather than your competitor can pay dividends in the long run and can play a key role in developing your marketing messages and demonstrating to your prospective clients that you’re the right fit for them.

And it’s important to try and choose something that really is unique. Phrases like being ‘professional’, customer-focused and friendly aren’t really going to cut it! They’re basic expectations that a customer might have.

You’re looking for something memorable and different that would attract a potential client. You also need to make sure you’re able to deliver on whatever promise your USP makes.

So make sure you spend some time thinking about what you want to be known for and then make sure you market that message to your clients and potential clients.

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