Taggart Tip #3 – Is Your Business Running You, or Are You Running Your Business?


“G’day, it’s time for another Taggart tip.

Do you remember what it was like when you first got into business?

The reason why you got into business?

Is your business running you? Or are you running your business?

Which way around is it?

Do you still have time to do the fun things in life?

If you haven’t worked it out yet, you need to talk to somebody, like me, who can help you with that.

Remember working on your business is the most important thing you can be doing, not working in it.

So that you get time to do the fun things in life.

That’s my tip for the day.”

Interested to find out more, get in touch with a small business advisor from Taggart & Partners on (07) 3391 1188 and learn how you can run your business and still have time to do the fun things in life.

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Updated 24 June 2020

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