Setting Business Goals

The hard work and imagination that you use to sustain your business are only part of the formula to operating a successful organisation. Setting business goals provides you with actionable targets to achieve which can bolster your profitability. The goals and objectives of a business are numberless; you need to decide what is best for your business based on your circumstances and ambitions. However, personalising the goals of a business can be difficult which is why we have compiled these examples of business objectives for you to make use of in today’s blog.

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Why Setting Business Goals is Important

Goals can provide clear objectives to accomplish, help encourage employees, and set benchmarks to work towards. Establishing a list of business goals can assist you in managing your business’s direction whilst establishing criteria for measuring success. Accurate goals can also be critical for progressing towards your larger business targets.

Decide What to Focus On

Since the goals and objectives of a business will vary significantly over time it’s crucial to create a clear inventory of your needs and aims for the short and long term. Using a scattered diffused approach is more likely to be ineffective and proceed at a sluggish pace. Work with professional business advisors like Taggart & Partners to analyse your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to help see where you can improve.

Perform market research to assess how well you are meeting the needs of your customer base and investigate current trends and changes in your industry. Using benchmarking to examine what your competition is doing can also help you gauge how your business is performing.

Typical Examples of Business Objectives

Here are a few general areas you can begin to consider setting goals in. While not an exhaustive list, the following tend to be highly important to companies:

  • Service: objectives connected to raising customer service satisfaction or customer loyalty
  • Social: objectives centred on providing service to your community by volunteering or philanthropy
  • Profit: objectives established to improve profits by a particular amount
  • Growth: objectives linked to increasing your business

Creating the Goals and Objectives of a Business

After you have chosen areas to focus on and improve, begin planning the steps you’ll take towards upgrading them. When setting business goals, it’s common to use the SMART goal strategy. The acronym stands for:

  • Specific: Establish something explicit you want to accomplish
  • Measurable: Specify milestones or distinct values to track progress
  • Achievable: Make sure you have the resources to attain your goal
  • Relevant: Your goals should fit into your business plan and growth strategy
  • Timely: Create realistic dates to work towards your goal

The SMART goals of a business create synergy between your short and long-term goals. Accomplishing short-term objectives incrementally moves you towards your larger business goals and provides you with the opportunity to track progress.

Communicate & Support

Keep your team informed about what you want to achieve and why it is important. The goals and objectives of a business can never be met if the people involved fail to understand them. Effectively and efficiently fulfilling the goals of a business means support and training need to be provided so team members can change their methods and practices to accomplish the new objectives.

Start Planning Today!

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