Positive Business Culture

Creating an inclusive workplace environment and positive business culture for all employees can increase productivity, provide positive wellbeing and deliver retention benefits.

An inclusive workplace is one that sees a diverse range of people encouraged to provide their own individual skills, knowledge and background to the business. When people have a sense of community, they generally feel happier in their surroundings. Having a positive and open attitude toward your business culture can help employees to really enjoy being connected to your business.


Appropriate training and orientation

Employees, contractors and customers should understand from their first encounter that the business is a safe and inclusive environment. This means appropriate training and orientation must be given to ensure specific values and practices are upheld. It is much easier to employ individuals who agree with and respect inclusive workplaces than to try and change the workplace culture later on.

Team building

Team building is a great tool for breaking down barriers between employees, allowing individuals to bond and connect outside of the work environment. There is a vast array of activities that constitute as team building. For example:

  • Office luncheons
  • Open workplaces
  • Group work and problem-solving tasks
  • Staff retreats
  • Icebreaker games

Business ethos and values:

Creating an inclusive workplace has to be embedded into your brand as a whole. As a boss, this open approach and attitude will need to start with you. Employees are more likely to thrive if they feel that their leaders have the same values and views that are expected of them.

Interested to learn more?

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Updated 23/06/2021

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