ATO Email notificationWe’ve posted a couple of things recently warning people to be aware of several scams operating at the moment where people impersonate the ATO in order to defraud people out of personal information or money. Continue reading to learn about ATO SMS and e-mail notifications used by the Australian Tax Office to better understand what you may be able to do to avoid getting scammed.

The ATO have advised that while they do use SMS and email for promotional purposes, taxpayers can check the list of the ATO’s current activities on its website to verify that it’s genuine.

It’s important to be aware that the ATO will NEVER ask people to reply by SMS and/or email personal information such as your tax file number (TFN) or personal bank details.

You may however receive notifications about the following:

  • a reminder to provide documents
  • a reminder to attend a meeting
  • reminders to meet deadlines to avoid penalties such as lodgment of outstanding tax returns or payment of instalments negotiated with the ATO
  • promotion of ATO products or services such as myTax or e-tax

If you receive a call, email or SMS that you are at all concerned about, either contact the ATO directly or speak to your accountant who will be able to help you verify whether it is authentic or not.