Our Story

Raymond Taggart established Taggart & Partners in 2007, having worked in a number of multi-partner firms during his career.  Ray’s experience in larger firms was that, whilst many promote themselves as being proactive and able to give the resources of a large firm and the service and attention of a small, local independent firm, few could actually deliver on their promises.

He saw that many clients were getting inadequate advice in areas such as business structuring, tax minimisation and asset protection and many only saw a director of the firm once a year at tax time.

Noticing a gap in the market for an accounting firm in Brisbane supporting the small and medium enterprise (SME) market, Taggart & Partners proudly offers a highly focused and personalised accounting service as well as strategic business advice.

Why Choose Us

A member of the Proactive Accountants Network, we have been recognised both by our peers and clients as a firm that delivers a truly innovative, different experience.

The Taggart & Partners difference is:

  • Our award-winning excellence in client service;
  • Our up-front pricing policy and;
  • Our ability to think, talk and act like a business partner not just a number cruncher

In 2014, we won the top gong, ‘Accounting Business of the Year’. This award recognises Taggart & Partners for our outstanding successes and excellence in all key areas of business operation in 2013/14. Having experienced successive years of financial growth, we were recognised for our entrepreneurial spirit, creative business strategies and contribution to our peers within the accounting industry.

These awards add to the ‘Service Excellence in an Accounting Business’ trophy that we were awarded in 2013.

We have also been named as one of the most inspiring accountancy practices in the world having been selected for inclusion in the book “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants” by Steve Pipe. In fact we were one of just 9 firms in Australia to feature in the book. Take a read of the case study which helped earn us our place.

Our Culture and Values

One of the first things that people notice when they visit the Taggart & Partners boardroom, aside from the sports memorabilia, is the prominence given to displaying our culture and values. Our team live and breathe it:

  • We work in a positive environment, full of excellent people, who are focussed on solutions at all times.
  • Personal responsibility and integrity exist at all times, at all levels.
  • Personal accountability is core to our beliefs – doing what we say we will do.
  • While we respect the individual, the team is more important than any single person.
  • Everyone adds value to the company, and contributes to its performance.
  • Everyone knows their role, and respects the roles of others.
  • Everyone chooses to be here, there is no victim mentality
  • The work environment is relaxed, healthy, comfortable and creative, but professional and appropriately urgent at the same time. It is a fun environment that elicits creativity and supports camaraderie.
  • We finish what we begin. We finish it well beyond our expectations. We always do a little more than we think we are able to do.
  • We do not operate as a consensus company to move the company forward. We operate on a functional model based on the vision of leadership.
  • We speak very politely using a person’s name – and we say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘it’ll be my pleasure’ and ‘certainly’ as a minimum.
  • If we speak about a person who is not present, we speak as if they are listening to your conversation.
  • If we have a problem with someone, we talk about the problem only with them in private.
  • If something goes wrong we first blame a system not a person.
  • To be part of our team you MUST live our values and follow our client & culture performance standards to the letter. Team members are empowered to correct any other team member who is not living and adhering to them.

Our Service Standards

At Taggart & Partners we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in the service we provide to our clients. This is one of the keys things that differentiates us from other accountants and why many of our clients choose to work with us. There is a detailed set of service standards that we each strive to achieve every day and we believe this is one of the reasons why we won the award for Service Excellence in an Accounting Business at the Proactive Accountants Awards.

As a client of ours, these are standards you can expect:

  • I lead by example.
  • I constantly raise the bar as a leader in the Accounting profession.
  • Clients will be completely delighted with what I do and how I do it.
  • I always maintain positive relationships.
  • I greet and farewell everyone by name with eye contact and with a smile.
  • If at fault, I will apologise and make restitution – right away.
  • I demonstrate a positive ‘can do’ attitude at all times.
  • I focus on solutions to clients’ objectives.
  • I am creative and innovative in my approach to helping our clients succeed.
  • I always act with integrity, I respect others and I use empowering conversation.
  • I always reply to all communication by the end of the same day that it was received.
  • I will own any queries or complaints that I receive, and ensure they are addressed within the same business day that I receive them.
  • I always answer the telephone within 2 rings and with a smile I always say “Welcome to Taggart & Partners, this is (your name)”.
  • I am always ‘on the stage’ and act accordingly.
  • I always live and demonstrate the company values.

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