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Implementing effective methods to reduce your tax bill. Achieve real small business tax reduction with the help from Taggart & Partners.

Is your business paying the right amount of tax? Chances are if your business is paying over 30% tax, it’s paying too much! A run-of-the-mill accountant will be able to work with your business, file the necessary returns and provide general advice on your business’ taxation obligations and how your business might be able to reduce your tax liability. At Taggart & Partners, our focus is on the optimisation of your business by putting the appropriate structure, risk protection and asset protection in place. Our team will take a holistic approach to your tax minimisation plan; We work towards understanding the integral mechanisms and people that make your business work and utilise the most up to date in taxation knowledge to find all available legal loopholes that will work for your business. The result? Effective tax minimisation strategies and enhanced business operations that save your business financially and allow your business to grow.

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Raymond Sackett & Justin Kennon, The Kennon & Sackett Group

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