Raymond Taggart

Raymond Taggart

Ray is the T&P Business Guru! He has been sweeping the industry with his strategic approaches to tax for more years than he would like to admit. Our fearless leader has Scottish heritage so along with his Accounting degrees means you have never meet anyone more passionate about saving you money and not paying $1 more than necessary to the Tax Man. We believe it’s his mission in life.

Ray is a Business Structuring Specialist, SMSF Expert, Accountant & Business Advisor to hundreds of small/medium business owners Australia wide.

Ray can quickly grasp an understanding of our client’s situations, assess the most strategic direction for them and present their best position moving forward in a language that all new or seasoned business owners can understand.

He’s a mad keen Tottenham Hotspurs fan. During the season you will find him and his son Jack getting up super early to catch the games. “Those who have the most toys when they die wins” Ask him about his other big boy toys. He believes you only get one shot at this life so make it a good one!

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