Turning a great idea into a profitable and sustainable business takes more than just creativity and hard work; Successful and sustainable businesses tend to share some common traits – The ability to manage and navigate tax and business obligations, successful cash flow management strategies, effective business structuring and the continual desire for improving and building business acumen. Running a successful business is about focusing on your core strengths and putting into place the right team in areas that may not be your expertise. At Taggart & Partners, we are a team of business accountants & small business advisors dedicated to finding realistic solutions to minimise tax and maximise growth for SMEs in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Get in touch with us for tailored business advisory services and accounting solutions that will reduce tax, protect your interests and grow your business today.

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Taggart & Partners Business Advisory Services

Getting the right Business Structure

Ensuring the Right Business Structure

Having the right business structure means LESS TAX and LESS RISK

Over the last 20 years, we’ve heard hundreds of stories from clients who have had no idea how much money they were losing because they weren’t getting the right advice. By seeking a second opinion from a small business advisor you could be thousands of dollars better off.

With such a complex issue, getting the right advice from an accountant who not only has a deep understanding of both tax laws and corporate structures but also understands the challenges of small business is critical.

At Taggart & Partners, we have built a strong reputation for setting up the absolute best business structures for our clients across South East Queensland. Send an inquiry today to our business advisory Brisbane based team for a consultation on whether your business has the most advantageous structure or to get specialised business structure advice.

Methods for growing Business

Manage Business Growth

Managing growth with minimal debt and cash flow issues.

We all aspire to develop our business but accelerated growth in a business can have the negative side effect of significant cash flow issues. Our business advisory Brisbane team will provide the guidance your business needs to achieve a sustainable growth rate. A dedicated small business advisor from Taggart & Partners will work closely with your business to advise you on how much your business can afford to grow without taking on a disproportionate amount of debt and risk.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a start-up business, an established business looking to expand, or you just want to accelerate your growth rate; Business advisory services from Taggart & Partners can help you realise your business’ full potential.

Your business can expand and grow through the following methods:

  • Business structuring – setting up the correct company structure and trusts.
  • Budgets and forecasts – so you can plan for expenditure and ATO/SUPER/BANK obligations.
  • Tax planning – legally minimise your tax obligations.
  • Financing – Short term financing could be the solution to getting your business out of trouble in the long run

Stop asking “How to grow my business?” and take the next step by getting in touch with our small business advisors to discuss the best strategies to manage your business growth today.

Building Your Business Expertise

Building Business Expertise

Advice, experience from a qualified business advisory services team.

Managing your own business can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. But for some, it can also be one of the most stressful and complex undertakings of their lives. With the help of a small business advisor, you can implement some simple strategies and learn the necessary business skills to not only run your business but to help it thrive in the crowded business marketplace.

Principal Ray Taggart is recognised as an industry leader, accredited business coach, and mentor who can work with you directly to build the business expertise you need to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Book an appointment with Ray for business advisory services and advice on:

  • Managing your business.
  • Growing your business profitably.
  • Increasing the value of your business.
  • Structuring your business tax effectively.
  • Building business skills & acumen.
  • Improving work/life balance.
  • Protecting your assets.
Improving Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Management Strategies

More money in, less money out.

For many small businesses, meeting tax and super obligations, including GST, PAYG, and fringe benefits tax, can be a real challenge. Effective cash flow management is vital to maintaining the day to day operations of a business. Even businesses with a profitable business model can abruptly come to halt without the necessary cash flow to pay their obligations on time.

For businesses struggling to maintain positive cash flow and meet compliance obligations all while aiming for sustainable and profitable business growth; There are a number of strategies that our business advisory Brisbane team can recommend to help you implement a solid cash flow plan to meet and/or exceed your business’ goals and vision.

With small business advisors from Taggart & Partners, you can spend less time feeling stressed about profitability and more time focused on building your successes. Call us today to get the cash flow advice your business needs to grow.

  • As new business owners, Taggart & Partners have provided our business with the professional advice, service and direction that we require. The team at Taggart & Partners excel in delivering a prompt, professional and friendly service.

    Joel & Teegan Thring J & T Auto Electrics & Air-conditioning

Our Reviews on Google

  • review rating 5  If you want a company that can understand the varying needs of individuals circumstances and how best manage them you cannot go past Taggart & Partners. From the start Ray and his team have provided a wealth of knowledge and support with how to better manage my companies and trusts. I would highly recommend Ray and his team at Taggart & Partners! After many years of searching I have now found a company that is professional and provides accurate advice when needed. Not to mention Ray and the team are extremely friendly and welcoming!

    thumb Andrew Allinson
  • review rating 5  We've recently become clients of Taggart & Partners after knowing Ray & Suzi professionally/personally for 10+ years. The change over from my previous accountant handled with ease/care, and the first 12 months has been eye opening. There is clear concise communication, a pro-active mentality, and a whole of team office culture that makes you feel like you're their most important client. Working with an Accountant/Business adviser shouldn't be seen as just a business cost, it should be seen as an investment, and switching to Taggart & Partners has been one of the best business investment decisions I've made in the last decade.

    thumb Aron Burtenshaw
  • review rating 5  It has taken me 6 years to find an Accounting Firm that I am finally extremely happy with. The Owner/Director Ray Taggart is a sharp-minded operator with a very efficient team . This now sets the way forward for my business and personal tax returns. You cannot go wrong .

    thumb Teneriffe Apartments
  • review rating 5  I was introduced to Ray Taggart when I abruptly learnt that "our existing accountant wasn't an accountant!" Ray and his team immediately took us on board and over a short period of time ensured compliance when it was needed the most. To know that you have a support team in the background such as Taggart & Partners, a team who will ensure that all aspects of owning and operating a small business is kept compliant, is a breath of fresh air. Ray and his team are always on the other end of the phone (or email) and a response to queries is always received within twenty fours - much different to what we had become used to in the past. I cannot recommend Taggart & Partners enough, thankyou!

    thumb Tracey Sims
  • review rating 5  My husband and I changed over from our previous accountant of 25 years to Ray Taggart & Partners 6 months ago. This decision was not taken lightly, but Ray was highly recommended by our in house accountant in our business. Upon meeting Ray for the first time we knew he was a cut above the rest. Ray has proved that tour first instinct was correct. For the first time in 25 years in business, we have a clear and concise proactive plan in place with the structure of our business and personal plans for the future. It has been the best investment in our future that we have made for a very long time. I would highly recommend Ray Taggart and his team to anyone in business Thank you Ray Lorraine Parke Fashion Carpet Court Stones Corner

  • review rating 5  Ray and his team helped us create an extremely tax effective structure to reduce our tax obligations, maximise our returns and protect our company and private assets. We can now plan for retirement with confidence and certainty. I would highly recommend Taggart & Partners and only wish I'd changed accountants years ago! (The reserved parking sign with our names on it was also a nice touch!)

    thumb Paul Hewish
  • review rating 5  I’ve been a client for over 10 years and cannot recommend this firm enough. Personable and knowledgeable service. Very experienced team. Always available with back up support. It is essential to have this kind of support when running a small business. And Taggart and Partners really deliver. They have been invaluable. Highly recommended.

    thumb Stephanie Canfell

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