What’s the key to your business success?


G’day — it’s time for another Taggart tip.

I’m here this morning at the BNI Riverside Business Breakfast Networking Meeting and I am surrounded by 30 other business people all doing the same thing (networking for business).

As you can see in the background; they are all pretty busy.

Now; it doesn’t matter whether you provide a service, sell goods or manufacture a product. At the end of the day, you are in the business of sales. You are selling yourself, you’re selling your business and your business reputation.

My tip is to always make sure that you look out for new opportunities, never be too busy to accept new business and always make you have one of these in your pocket — a business card. You never know who you are going to give it to or when you are going to give it out. So make sure you have always got one.

Sales and marketing is key to your business success.

That’s my tip for the day.

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