Sustainable Business Growth and Profitability


G’day its time for another Taggart tip. It’s 30 degrees outside so we’re doing the tip from inside the office today and what I like to talk about is growing profits and growing your business sustainable growth and profitability.

Now, most small businesses think that in order to get increased profits on the bottom line they’ve got to cut costs but it’s not really the truth.

Cutting costs is certainly the biggest bang for the buck and it gets an immediate effect on the bottom line it’s like a sugar hit for the business.

But the real way to grow our growth and profitability; and there are only four of them is exactly what I’m about to show you now.

The real rocket science behind this is:

  1. Increasing the number of customers
  2. Increasing the frequency of sales
  3. Increasingly average sale value
  4. Driving costs down

As you can see the rocket science is here is that three out of the four are revenue based drivers and only one it is in relation to costs.

So my tip for the day is if you’re looking for sustainable growth and profitability concentrate on the three revenue drivers and costs in order to achieve that sales growth and profitability.

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