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Director Identification Number – An Introduction

As a part of the 2020 Budget Digital Business Plan, Australian Government has taken steps towards the full implementation of the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program. The MBR program looks to unify the ABR (Australian Business Register) and 31 other registers administered by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) on a modern, digital registry platform.

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Taggart Tip #16 – Don’t Wait to Innovate

Don’t Wait to Innovate Transcript Taggart: “Ok, G’day it’s time for another Taggart tip. The theme is ‘innovation’. Now, the people that I know that have innovated the hell out of their business is these guys. I’m joined by Daniel Lee, the founding director of Plum Properties and by the way we’re here at

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2020/21 Federal Budget

On Tuesday 6th October 2020, The Treasurer delivered the Federal Budget for 2020-21. We’ve attached a PDF document from the NTAA (© National Tax & Accountants’ Association Ltd) with all the facts and figures from the Budget 2020-21. Click the Image Below To Read the 2021/22 Federal Budget If you find yourself feeling a little

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Work from Home Tax Deductions

The rise of COVID-19 has seen a surge in people working from home which has resulted in a lot of people asking if they’re eligible for work from home tax deductions. Unless your boss has provided you with an allowance to cover your home expenses, you should be able to claim all the extra bills

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Setting Business Goals – Stepping Stones to Success

Successful businesses often owe their success to several common key traits: having a clear vision of where they want to be, establishing an actionable business plan, having the ability to adapt and change, and being financially prepared for the challenges along the way. As a business owner, setting business goals that are specific, measurable, attainable,

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