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Best Tax Structure For Small Business

For those who are thinking about starting a business or have started one already, choosing a tax structure is likely the last thing on their minds. But considering that most small business owners aren’t implementing the right business structure from the get-go, a lot of people end up paying too much tax. However, if it’s

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Taking Your Business Online

If your business has never had an online presence before, the most recent 12-plus months of the still ongoing global pandemic may have caused you to ask yourself the question “how to take my business online”. Even if you were apprehensive about taking your business online in the past, the last year has shown that

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Building the Right Team

Building the right team is an important part of creating a business that performs like a well-oiled machine, but do you know how to build the right team for your organisation? If you require specific business growth advice, we can help you. Call the Taggart & Partners team on (07) 3391 1188 or e-mail

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How to Build a Business that Runs Without You

At some point, most if not all business owners are liable to ponder “how to build a business that runs without you”. Is it a pipe dream, or an achievable goal? More importantly, how does one get there? Implementing a well-planned strategy is a key part of every business exit plan. Let’s delve into considerations

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Getting Back to Business – Business in 2021, What Will it Look Like?

It may be an understatement to call the year 2020 “extraordinary” or “unprecedented” but it is certainly accurate. Getting back to business after a year of recurring lockdowns and constantly closing and re-opening state borders (and even international) has made many business owners anxious about what will business in 2021 look like. Continue reading to

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Director Identification Number – An Introduction

As a part of the 2020 Budget Digital Business Plan, Australian Government has taken steps towards the full implementation of the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program. The MBR program looks to unify the ABR (Australian Business Register) and 31 other registers administered by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) on a modern, digital registry platform.

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