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Our culture and values

One of the first things that people notice when they visit the Taggart & Partners boardroom, aside from the sports memorabilia, is the prominence given to displaying our culture and values. Our team live and breathe it:

Taggart & Partners client service 
  • We work in a positive environment, full of excellent people, who are focussed on solutions at all times.
  • Personal responsibility and integrity exist at all times, at all levels.
  • Personal accountability is core to our beliefs - doing what we say we will do.
  • While we respect the individual, the team is more important than any single person.
  • Everyone adds value to the company, and contributes to its performance.
  • Everyone knows their role, and respects the roles of others.
  • Everyone chooses to be here, there is no victim mentality
  • The work environment is relaxed, healthy, comfortable and creative, but professional and appropriately urgent at the same time. It is a fun environment that elicits creativity and supports camaraderie.
  • We finish what we begin. We finish it well beyond our expectations. We always do a little more than we think we are able to do.
  • We do not operate as a consensus company to move the company forward. We operate on a functional model based on the vision of leadership.
  • We speak very politely using a person's name – and we say 'please', 'thank you', 'it'll be my pleasure' and 'certainly' as a minimum.
  • If we speak about a person who is not present, we speak as if they are listening to your conversation.
  • If we have a problem with someone, we talk about the problem only with them in private.
  • If something goes wrong we first blame a system not a person.
  • To be part of our team you MUST live our values and follow our client & culture performance standards to the letter. Team members are empowered to correct any other team member who is not living and adhering to them.


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What our clients say...

As directors of Vision 1 Investments we have been clients of Taggart & Partners for the past seven years. In this time we have found Taggart & Partners to be more than your average accounting practice.

Adam and Terese Biermann, Vision 1 investments Pty Ltd

Our phone calls, emails and questions never go unanswered – it is exemplary. Not only do Taggart & Partners come back with professional, well researched and thought through answers, but they do it with a friendly approach - your business matters to them.

Damian Kelly, Group General Manager, Brisbane Refrigeration Pty Ltd

Taggart & Partners have been my business and personal accountants for over 7 years. The support and service that they have offered to me has been crucial to the successful running of my business.

Stephanie Canfell, The Bowery

Taggart & Partners have been our accountants for the past four and a half years. Over the time we have found their service, advice and planning to be second to none.

Raymond Sackett & Justin Kennon, The Kennon & Sackett Group

Puss 'n' Pooch Day Spa has been receiving accountancy and tax advice from Taggart & Partners from day one. Nine years on we are still going strong. Ray and Suzanne Taggart are fantastic business-minded people and love to see their clients enjoy success.

Kelli Smith, Puss 'n' Pooch Day Spa